Christopher Carlton


Benjamin Holton Professor of Agriculture

Adjunct, Department of Biological Sciences Director, Louisiana State Arthropod Museum





DEGREES:    B.S. 1977 Hendrix College

                     M.S. 1980 University of Arkansas

                     Ph.D. 1980 University of Arkansas



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Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge

1995-2000, Assistant Professor; 2000-2005, Associate Professor; 2005-2007, Professor, 2007-present, John

Benjamin Holton Alumni Association Departmental Professorship in Agriculture, Department of

Entomology. Research in insect systematics, Director, Louisiana State Arthropod Museum, teach

systematics and general entomology courses and direct graduate training programs.

University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

1989-1995: Research Associate, Department of Entomology. Conduct research in biodiversity and systematics,

provide identifications of insects and diagnoses of related problems, and curate University of Arkansas

Arthropod Museum.

1982-1989: Research Assistant (degree track), Department of Entomology. Manage entomology collection and

provide insect identifications.

1977-1981: Graduate Assistant, Department of Entomology. Graduate student in Master's Program.





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