Courses taught by Chris Carlton

ENTM 4005 - Insect Taxonomy

Prereq.: ENTM 2001. A collection is required. 2 hrs. lecture; 4 hrs. lab. Identification, nomenclature, phylogenetic relationships and life histories of insects at the family level.



ENTM 7005 - Classification of Immature Forms of Insects

Prereq.: ENTM 4005 or equivalent. 2 hrs. lecture; 2 hrs. lab.



ENTM 7030 - Aquatic Entomology

Also offered as RNR 7030. 3 hrs lecture; 3 hrs lab. Provides a general understanding of aquatic insect diversity and ecology, with emphasis on Gulf of Mexico Coastal Plain and lower Mississippi alluvial valley faunas. Training includes methodologies for aquatic insect field sampling, curation, and identification and application of analytical techniques to aquatic insect data.

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