ENTM 2001 - Insects in the Environment

Prereq.: BIOL 1201, BIOL 1208; and either BIOL 1001, BIOL 1002 or equivalent. 2 hrs. lecture; 2 hrs. lab. Insect recognition, classification and life cycles; factors affecting insect diversity and abundance; interactions between insects and the natural environment.



ENTM 4001 - Household and Structural Entomology



ENTM 4100 - Insect Behavior

Prereq.: ENTM 2001 or consent of instructor. Current and classical concepts in behavioral theory; communication systems; stimuli orientation, social interaction; aspects of insect control using behavior modification.


ENTM 7001 - General Entomology

No entomology training necessary. 3 hrs. lecture; 3 hrs. lab. Provides a framework of information about the evolution of insects and related arthropods, anatomy, functional morphology and physiology and an introduction to insect diversity at the ordinal level.