ENTM 7006: Advanced Inset Pest Management

ENTM 7008: Special topics in Entomology


During the last decade, there have been numerous scientific and technological advances in insect pest management, such as use of the internet systems, global positioning systems (GPS) and geographical information systems (GIS), modeling, biotechnology, host plant resistance, biological control, as well as many discoveries of environmentally benign novel pesticide chemistries.


This course provides students with cutting edge information and knowledge related to the development and implementation of modern insect pest management tactics and strategies. The course will begin with an overview of pest management history and the ecological basis of insect pest management. Subsequent lectures will emphasize advances in major insect pest management tactics including cultural control, biological control, host plant resistance, and chemical control. Several key components of insect pest management, such as insect sampling, economic injury level (EIL), economic threshold (ET), and an introduction of system analysis and its applications in insect pest management will then be presented to underscore the quantitative aspects of insect pest management programs. Several lectures at the end of the course will focus on two novel technologies (biotechnology and GPS/GIS) and their applications in insect pest management. No comparable course exists at present at LSU.






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