Molecular Biology and Population Genetics


Molecular techniques have become a standard tool in most entomological disciplines. Our faculty are using current molecular biology techniques to understand biological, molecular, and physiological differences between insect populations.



ENTM 4015 - Conservation Biology (cross listed w PLHL)

ENTM 4016 - Insect Physiology

ENTM 7001 - General Entomology

ENTM 7008 - Special Topics in Entomology

ENTM 7015 - Insect Pathology and Biological Control

ENTM 7080 - Population Ecology

ENTM 7946 - Seminar in Molecular Evolution

BIOL   7010 - Plant Molecular Biology

BIOL   7110 - Molecular Evolution

BIOL   7253 - Molecular Population Genetics



Chris Carlton - Systematics, taxonomy, and morphology

Jeff Davis - Insect vectors of plant pathogens

Lane Foil - Veterinary entomolog

Claudia Husseneder - Population Genetics and Molecular Biology

James Ottea - Insecticide toxicology
Timothy Schowalter - Forest entomology and ecology

Daniel Swale - Insect physiology