Thomas E. Rinderer



Supervisory Research Geneticist


USDA Honey-Bee Breeding, Genetics and Physiology Laboratory




DEGREES: B.S. 1966 Loras College

                  M.S. 1968 The Ohio State University

                  Ph.D. 1974 The Ohio State University




Current Research Interests


Specific research objectives include:


The study of populations of honey bees in the Americas with the goals of assessing potential problems caused by Africanized bees and the process by which populations of honey bees become Africanized.


•The development of breeding and management-related solutions to problems caused to agriculture by Africanized honey bees and Varroa mites.

•The development of basic information concerning the interactions of Asian honey bees and their parasitic mites with a view toward developing mite control strategies for commercial beekeeping.



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