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I am continuing long-term studies of canopy arthropod responses to hurricanes and other disturbances in forest ecosystems.  I now have twenty five years of data for post-Hugo (1989) and post-Georges (1998) recovery of canopy arthropod communities in tropical rainforests at the Luquillo Experimental Forest Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Site in Puerto Rico.  I am collaborating with colleagues at Oregon State University, National Taiwan University, and the Taiwan Forest Research Institute on comparison of the data from Puerto Rico with comparable data following typhoon disturbances in sub-tropical forests in Taiwan.  Following Hurricanes Katrina (2005) and Gustav (2008), I initiated studies in lowland hardwood forests in southeastern Louisiana.  The combination of these databases from different forest types will improve our prediction of canopy arthropod responses to canopy-opening disturbances.  I currently am addressing the ecology and management of the emerald ash borer, which recently invaded Louisiana.



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