Fall 2016 seminar series

Fridays @ 2:00 in 101A Life Sciences Bld.



August 26.

Introductory Seminar. By Mike Stout.



September 2.

Arthur L. Penn. "Responsible Conduct of Research (or, How to keep from destroying your career before it gets started)"

Host: Kristen Healy



September 9.

Eric Aschehoug.

Host: Rodrigo Diaz



September 16.

Zhijun Liu.

Host: Mike Stout.



September 23.

No seminar planned due to ICE in Orlando.



September 30.

No seminar planned due to ICE in Orlando.



October 7.

Tom Sparks, Graves Lecture.

Host: Jim Ottea.



October 14.

Des Conlong.

Host: Gene Reagan.



October 21.

Graduate Student Symposium. Room reserved from 7:30 am to 3pm.



October 28.

Kun Yan Zhu.

Host: LSU Entomology Grad Students



November 4.

Student seminars.



November 11.

Binod Acharya. Exit seminar.



November 18.

Monique Ferreira (PhD), Zhilin Li (Masters).  Introductory Seminars.



November 25.

 No seminar-Thanksgiving.



December 2.

Brittany Owens

Host: Chris Carlton.