Daniel Swale

Assistant Professor

Specialization: Insect Physiology

Phone: 225-578-1634

Email: DSwale@agcenter.lsu.edu

Image Description: Proposed mechanism of blockade of the potassium channel ROMK by inhibitor VU591. The illustration shows one conformation of the tetrameric ROMK model, built from related Kir channels, in cyan. The yellow volume within the channel illustrates 2.5% of the docking solutions evaluated by Rosetta, to show the extensive sampling performed throughout the ion-conduction pore. The best scoring prediction consistent with the mutagenesis data is highlighted in maroon.  The model is shown in the context of a stylized membrane bilayer to represent the potential energy function used in model construction. In the background is shown the current vs. voltage trace of ROMK displaying rectifying behavior in the absence (above) and presence (below) of the inhibitor. For more information, see the article by Swale et al. Biophysical Journal, 2015.  Image created by Dr. Jonathan Sheehan and colleagues (Vanderbilt University, Center for Structural Biology)