The  LSU entomology department has a wide variety of full time and adjunct staff that study different aspects of vector ecology.  Areas of research concentrate on vectors of disease causing pathogens to humans, animals, and plant systems.  The department also houses staff with experience in toxicology, control, and molecular biology of arthropod vectors.




Research projects in vector ecology focus on both vectors of human/animal pathogens and plant pathogens.  The department currently has several graduate students pursuing degrees in areas specific to vector ecology.  This includes examining the epidemiology of insect vectored pathogens (such as insect-vectored arboviruses), and dynamics of plant vectored pathogens to crops in Louisiana.  Students pursuing degrees with research concentrations in vector ecology can take advantage of numerous opportunities with collaborators throughout Louisiana, including the LSU school of pathobiology, federal organizations throughout the state, numerous stakeholder groups, and industry partners.




ENTM 4007: Forensic Entomology

ENTM 4016: Insect Physiology

ENTM 7002: Plant resistance to arthropods

ENTM 7003: Medical and Veterinary Entomology

ENTM 7008: Insect Epidemiology

ENTM 7008: Molecular Entomology

ENTM 7008: Special topics in entomology (new course topics can be developed on an as-needed basis. Potential topics include epidemiological techniques in entomology, vector ecology, and public health entomology)

ENTM 7015: Insect Pathology and Biological Control

ENTM 7017: Insect Toxicology




Jeff Davis - Insect vectors of plant pathogens

Lane Foil - Veterinary Entomology

Kristen Healy - Medical Entomology

Claudia Husseneder - Population Genetics and Molecular Biology

James Ottea - InsecticideToxicology

Daniel Swale - Insect Physiology

Kevin Macaluso (Adjunct) - tick and flea-borne pathogens

Chris Mores (Adjunct) - Arbovirology and infectious disease epidemiology

Todd Walker (Adjunct) - Medical Entomology and mosquito control