About the web page

Current Design:

The current design for the web page is by Kristen Healy, Assistant Professor in the Department of Entomology.



Web page maintenance:

The web page is maintained by several faculty (Kristen Healy and Chris Carlton), staff (Karen Cooper), and students (Ying Niu) within the department.  Use our contact page for any web page questions.



Photo credits:

Photos for this website are primarily from Entomology Department faculty, staff, and students.  I would like to thank Mike Ferro for the majority of high quality insect photos.  Several mosquito photos from Ary Farajollahi, Mercer County Mosquito Control in New Jersey.  University photos from Louisiana State University.  Most of the faculty photos from the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center.



Departmental Group photo:

The Entomology department group photo was taken by Tobie Blanchard, LSU AgCenter, during the Entomology Department Annual Orientation on September 2014.



Social media sites:

The twitter feed is currently being maintained by Hannah Shult,  the You Tube page is currently being maintained by Jie Chen, and the Face Book page is currently being maintained by the entomology club.



Background images:

The high definition background images were obtained from wallpaperswide.com.