The People Involved


Lane D. Foil (PI):
Biology and sampling of horse flies, salt marsh expert


Claudia Husseneder (co-PI):

Population genetics and metagenomics










Igor Sokolov (Post-doc):

Insect taxonomy



Erin Stevens (RA):

Budget and data management, meiofauna ID and field work



Mike Becker (RA):

Field work



Colleen Walsh (RA):

Meiofauna ID and field work



Devika R. Bhalerao (MS student):

Food web analyses



Darrius Davis (MS student):

Horse fly biology and distribution



Ben Aker (MS student):

Native insects of salt marshes



Patrick Rayle (MS student):

Meiofauna diversity in intertidal zones






… and an army of undergraduate students as lab and field assistants








Jong-Seok Park (Post-doc):

Microsatellite genotyping, morphological ID of horse flies


Sean Healy, Steven Engborg (RAs):

Field work