Advanced Medical and Veterinary Entomology (syllabus)

Every other Fall semester (odd numbered years) we will offer Advanced Medical and Veterinary Entomology.  The course is primarily for graduate students with background knowledge in entomology.  Students in this course will discover the arthropod pests that affect human and animal health.  Throughout the semester, we will explore the biology of arthropod pests, and the disease-causing pathogens they transmit to humans, livestock, pets, and wildlife.  Each week, we will discuss an arthropod group of concern, along with the diseases they transmit in both temperate and tropical areas.  A hands-on laboratory will provide an up close look at the biology of arthropods of medical and veterinary importance, along with their direct and indirect affects to humans and animals.  The lab will also include several field collecting trips (mosquito adults, mosquito larvae, horn flies on cows, and other topics of interest to students).



Insect Epidemiology (syllabus)

In this course, we will discuss concepts and methodologies of epidemiology and their uses in understanding trends and outbreaks of insect vectored plant, forest, human, and animal pathogens.  We will also discuss methods of evaluating and understanding insect disease, such as those affecting honey bees and threatened or endangered species.   A major focus of this course will be to understand available methods in surveillance, prevention, and control of diseases, especially those of plants, humans, and animals.  Topics will include terms and concepts used in epidemiology, tools and techniques, such as GIS, modelling, and statistical analyses, and predicting and controlling outbreaks of disease.



Forensic Entomology (course info can be found here)

The objective for this course will be to introduce an emerging topic within forensic science known as forensic entomology. Among the topics to be discussed include the history of FE, important arthropods, collecting insect evidences, processing and analyzing entomological data and particular case histories that illustrate the purpose of using insects in criminal investigations. Students will participate in a field project and present results at the end of the course in a formal courtroom setting.



Special topics - Debate team (course info can be found here)

In this course, students prepare for the upcoming debate at the annual Entomological Society of America's annual conference.  Debate team is offered in fall semesters.  Due to the debate team deadlines, the team will meet in June to discuss the topic and prepare.  During the semester, students will meet weekly to discuss relevant papers and prepare for the debate.



Special topics - Writing in the Biological Sciences (syllabus)

Students in this course will learn the basics of scientific writing and communication, including fundamentals, style, and writing for your target audience.  In the introductory lectures, we will focus on grammar and structure as it relates to scientific writing.  We will then move into the basic components in scientific writing, including citations, figures and tables, and peer reviewed publication sections.  For the remainder of the semester, we will learn to communicate science through different formats, including popular press, posters, presentations, and grant writing.  We will also include topics on writing your CV and cover letter, and preparing for answering essay questions.



Public Health Entomology

Our lab is interested in offering courses related to Public Health Entomology for undergraduates and graduates, and epidemiological techniques in entomology. Development of these courses will depend on interest from students.



Biology and Management of the Honey bees

Our lab is assisting adjunct faculty at the USDA Bee lab in a semi-annual course on the biology and management of honey bees



Special topics courses

I will be providing special topics courses during the spring semesters.  If you are interested in a particular topic, please let me know.  I am also interested in offering a special topics course in academic writing, that covers how to write for dissertations/theses, grants, peer-review, popular press, cover letters, fact sheets, and websites.


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