Spring 2018 seminar series

Fridays @ 2:00 in 101A Life Sciences Bld.


January 19   Open


January 26  Sexual Harassment Prevention Training--TBA


February 2  Introductory Seminar: Alex Soohoo-Hui


February 9  Dr. Boris Castro—Host: Dr. Michael Stout


February 16  Dr. Josephine Antwi—Host: Dr. Jeff Davis


February 23  Introductory Seminars: Vivek Pokhrel, Megan Mulcahy,


March 2  Troy Anderson—University of Nebraska. Host: Dr. Daniel Swale


March 9  Exit Seminar: Balwinder Kaur


March 16  Exit Seminar: Rajani Sapkota


March 23  Exit Seminar: Luna Lama


March 30  EASTER-holiday


April 6  Exit Seminar: Ying Niu


April 12  Exit Seminar: Emily Kraus


April 13  Exit Seminar: Brittany Owens


April 20  Exit Seminar: Monique de Souza


April 27  Exit Seminar: Gagandeep Kaur




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