Guidelines for Assigning Credit for Students in ENTM 7010: Teaching Practicum


• Students enrolled in ENTM 7010 can receive credit (1- 3 hrs) for assisting in any course taught by Entomology faculty, at the discretion of and by permission of the course Instructor, but must first assist in teaching of AGRI 1005 or ENTM 2001.

• Teaching assistants can receive credit for the following types of activities:

-- teaching-related contact involving groups of students; examples include preparing and presenting lectures during scheduled lecture periods and leading study/review sessions.


--teaching-related contact involving individual students (tutoring, office hours); assumes that teaching assistant possesses mastery of material covered.

• As a guideline, students enrolled in Entm 7010 in past semesters have received 1 hour of credit for every 4 class periods for which the Assistant had primary responsibility (e.g., 1 hr of credit for every 4 lectures given or for every 4 lab periods coordinated)

• Material presented by the Teaching Assistant must be largely the product of their own efforts

• Teaching Assistants should not receive academic credit for activities that do not involve substantial intellectual engagement—for example, making copies or arranging specimens for a lab period

• If a student is to receive more than 1 hour of credit for teaching during a semester, the Courses and Curriculum Committee should be consulted to ensure appropriateness and uniformity in assigning credit for Entm 7010

• Students are encouraged to attend at least one CELT-sponsored workshop on teaching

• Written feedback from the Instructor must be provided to the Teaching Assistant at appropriate times during the semester

• Prior to receiving credit for ENTM 7010, the student’s performance must be formerly evaluated by the instructor and either the Department Head or Graduate Advisor using this rubric.


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