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Daniel Swale received funding from the USDA-ARS and is collaborating with researchers at the USDA in Kerrville, TX to investigate the role of ion channels in arthropod salivary gland function. His lab also received a Grand Challenges – Explorations grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to evaluate novel attract and kill strategies for control of mosquito vectors of the malaria parasite.

Lane Foil and Claudia Husseneder recently received a Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative grant to study horse fly (Tabanus nigrovittatus) populations and their food web dynamics as Indicators of the effects of environmental stress on coastal marsh health.

Gene Reagan, an Austin C. Thompson Distinguished Professor, recently received a USDA-NIFA grant to study aphid management systems in sugarcane and sorghum.  This project involves collaborations with other states, including researchers from Clemson University.


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Recent photo from National Geographic by Anand Varma. Source: Frank Rinkevich, Postdoctoral researcher at LSU, Department of Entomology

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