A diversity of classes

At LSU, you will find that the faculty offer a wide variety of courses in entomology.  This includes core courses (taxonomy, physiology, and general entomology), as well as new course listings based on student need (molecular biology for entomologists, insect epidemiology, and advanced IPM).  The academic pages  include a listing of courses from within the department.  You can also click here to view a listings of fall courses for the 2014 semester. You can also go directly to the registrar page for a listing of courses and course times.

Cutting edge research

Our faculty conduct research in a wide variety of topic areas in entomology.  This includes applied entomology research, urban entomology, medical and veterinary entomology, vector ecology, agricultural entomology, IPM, forest entomology, integrative entomology, taxonomy and systematics, insecticide resistance, toxicology, molecular biology, ecology, biological control and behavioral entomology.  You can learn more about research in the department by viewing our research pages, as well as viewing a list of thesis and dissertation titles from previous students within the department.

Graduate students in the entomology department at LSU have a wide variety of academic and social experiences during their time at school.  Students benefit from both an exciting variety of course work, as well as numerous hands-on field experiences.  Our students finish well prepared for the job market, and are often sought after throughout the United States.  In addition, students are active participants in ESA and Entomology related events.  Our students consistently do well competing in paper and poster competitions, as well as in Linnaean and ESA debates.  Click here to learn more about LSU Graduate school.

An exciting place for students
Exceptional faculty and staff Commitment to the public Endless possibilities

The LSU entomology department has 17 faculty, 2 anticipated new faculty, 4 faculty emeriti, and 17 adjunct faculty.  The faculty are highly competitive on grants, and are extremely productive in their research, publications, and guidance of students.  Each faculty member has their own unique area of expertise, and are involved in different areas of research, teaching, and extension.  You can tour our webpage to browse through our listing of faculty members within the department.  You can also view a current listing of staff and students in the department.

The LSU entomology department is deeply committed to providing services to our stakeholders and the general public.  Numerous faculty, staff, and students from the department are involved in working with stakeholders in applied research, providing training throughout the state, developing extension and outreach materials, and providing guidance and recommendation to anyone in need.  You can find out more about our extension and outreach programs by touring our website.

The LSU entomology department values the importance of keeping up with information and technology.  Our job posting and message board is continually being updated, as we add new content.  Typical postings include advertisements for jobs, seminar announcements, and other local events and activities.  If you would like to add content to our message board, please go to our "contact us" page, and upload the content using the upload button. We also value the importance of social media as a new tool to reach the public.

Online classroom reservations

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Notice to all faculty, staff, and students.  You can now follow the room reservations link below to reserve the conference room, media classroom, and entomology teaching classroom. Contact Karen Cooper for the password to have access to the scheduling page.

Looking for something specific?  Use the search button below to find the information on our web site.  Click here if you are having trouble finding what you are looking for.

In a few weeks, one of our faculty, Claudia Husseneder, will be launching a new "Insects of the month" webpage, with exciting photos and descriptions of common insects that can be found at each time of year.  A password protected pilot webpage is being developed, and can be accessed by those helping to develop the page.

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